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The Guide to Getting it Done

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If you’re here it’s because you’re looking to change something in your life for the better be it your finances, relationships with family, friends, romantic relationships or the relationship with yourself.

As a Life Coach for the last ten years i have used my system to help people achieve what they really really want in their lives.

This guide is not a self help book or a book on personal development. I have, in my experience found that every single person who wants to change a part of their lives has already read books on the topic and tried several ways of getting to their goal without success. My guide bypasses the ‘fluff’ as I call it, and it gets you to start working to make your dream a reality.

The exercises in my guide, when followed with diligence and focus will get you through the challenges you will face on your journey helping you to prepare for success and setbacks and also allowing you to access your Powerhouse within, the force that drives you and the force that will propel you to success.

My guide to getting it done will help you succeed in your goals whatever you choose them to be, but, you have to want it, really want it and be prepared to do whatever it takes to get you to the finish line.

If you’ve already tried everything else and couldn’t get it to work then this is the guide for you.

I have coached individuals with personal goals, sales teams, HR managers, retail managers, marathon runners and even CEOs. This system worked for them and it will work for you.

So if you are serious about change The Guide To Getting It Done is the guide you have been waiting for!

Download the guide here: DOWNLOAD

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Raise Your Vibration and Attract a Great Partner

I’m writing this post as one of my Facebook fans requested I write a piece on the importance of raising to a higher vibration to attract positive life experiences. As a dating coach, I am writing this post from the perspective of how you can use this exercise to attract a great life partner.

In this instance, we will look at Positive Vibration and how you can consciously create positive life experiences for yourself. When you are happy and positive you will attract a happy and positive partner!

Every thing and experience we have are not a result of pure luck, chance or coincidence, we have created all that we see around us and all of this is made up of energy.

Our lives, our circumstances, the people we have in our life experience all of this is a result of our thoughts and actions, which of course are the manifestations we have brought into being.

Negative thoughts = negative circumstances = negative energy = negative vibration

The more negative we are the more negativity we attract. That being said, the same goes for positivity.

Positive thoughts = positive circumstances = positive energy = positive vibration

As someone with a positive vibration you may come across to the outside world as the luckiest girl alive – Someone who has everything they could ever want or wish for – but in truth, this is all something you create for yourself – anyone can do it if they really want to!

To determine your frequency is really quite simple. All you need to do is pause for a moment and pay close attention to your thoughts and how you are feeling. Think of some events over the last few days and focus on how you feel.
You will notice that when you think of something positive and hold that positive experience in your heart and mind, you feel happy, inspired and content; when you hold negative thoughts you feel disappointed, frustrated, angry or sad.
The better you feel, the higher your vibrational frequency will be; the worse, the lower.

Everything in your life experience begins with you!

As the creator of your life, the good news is you have the power to change your frequency at any moment. Even something as simple as smiling or laughing (laughter is the best medicine), doing something fun like listening to your favourite song, going for a swim or being creative can get the positive vibes flowing.

Here are a few ways to raise your vibration:

Meditate or practice Mindfulness (If you would like more information on how to do this please get in touch) – Extensive Scientific studies, including one at Harvard Medical School, shows that meditation and mindfulness practice permanently strengthens the most evolved portion of the human brain – the frontal lobe – which is linked to increased abstract thought, cognitive reasoning, creativity and positivity. It also triggers the brain to release naturally occurring neurotransmitters, including dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins, which are linked to different aspects of happiness from simple pleasure to a deep sense of calm. Regardless of your religious orientation or which method you choose to meditate, sitting still for even five minutes a day can help you clear the mind, confront and minimize negative conscious and unconscious thinking patterns and connect to the divine space within that transcends thoughts, feeling and circumstance. Over time, this practice will raise your energetic frequency and contribute to a happier, more uplifted experience of yourself and others – This higher frequency will allow you to attract a partner that is equally happy and uplifting to be with.

Eat Clean – This does not mean you have to be a vegan or vegetarian to reap the benefits of a higher more positive vibration. Just pay attention to what you choose to eat. Some foods vibrate low and some vibrate high. If the food you consume is covered in pesticides, it will leave you feeling weaker. So will artificial highly processed foods. The good, high-vibrational foods are organic fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and naturally occurring fats – Rule of thumb is – if it’s highly processed its low energy.

Water and Movement – Stay hydrated. By drinking water you assist your bodily functions in so many ways, one of which is to expel toxins. Also, try to work some movement into your day, this does not have to be a daily half marathon but get your body moving, a short walk, dancing, yoga, anything that gets you up and moving. Remember a healthy body = a healthy mind and since our vibration is influenced primarily by our thoughts a healthy strong mind helps heaps.

TV and Music – Again, pay attention to what you watch and listen to Lyrics of anger, breakups, hurt, hate, pain, violence, drama and fear send messages to your subconscious. If you want to attract love, listen to songs about real, passionate, long-lasting love. Also, pay attention to the TV shows you watch, Sex and the City although entertaining does not send positive messages of healthy love relationships, in addition to this magazines, media and advertising are constantly showing us adverts that make us think shopping, travels or pills will resolve all our problems. Same goes for books and magazines – choose wisely.

Home and Work environments – You spend a lot of your time at home and at work. Although you cannot control the people you work with you can control your perception of them and you do have control of your workspace – Choose to look for the best in someone and deal with challenges in a positive way. Keep your work space clean, tidy and free of any clutter. Pay attention to your computer and phone wallpapers as well. At home use the same principle of neatness and clutter free environment – if you need a professional organiser to come and help you get one! (If you live in London I can recommend someone who will come and do this for you). Look into Feng Shui and position furniture, art, mirrors etc in the correct way. Some tips include:

  • A good solid headboard placed firmly against a wall
  • Fresh linen, clean curtains and soft furnishings all over your home
  • Remove all unnecessary extra cushions and fluffy animal toys from your bed
  • Use complementing colours in your home that create a balanced flow of love energy
  • Select appropriate art for your home – no single sassy lady paintings – think love, romance, couples!
  • No TV in the bedroom – The bedroom is for sleep and spending quality time with your love – YES even if you are still single it’s important to send the universe the correct message.
  • No work in your bedroom – if you must use your laptop, once you are done put it away in your work bag.
  • Furniture should be symmetrical – one bedside table does not work – if you don’t have room for two then get rid of the one.
  • Beautify your home with art, flowers and fragrance
  • Get rid of all reminders, gifts or articles that are connected to a previous relationship.
  • Use candles in pairs to promote a loving glow – scented is good too

Toxic People – This includes friends and family. Consciously make the decision to spend the bulk of your free time with those who are positive and vibrate highly. Surround yourself with people who are empowering, who support your positive life choices, people who are happy and do not complain or drain you. Remember that your friends are a reflection of you, and since you are obviously awesome, your friends must be just as awesome.

Random acts of kindness – Practice doing nice things for people just because. Practice compassion and learn to forgive, people’s actions and reactions are a reflection on them NOT you – choose positivity always!

Develop an attitude of gratitude – Every morning and evening find three things to be grateful for and say thank you in your mind and feel the gratitude in your heart. Keep in mind that when you focus on what you have you’ll always have more of it!

Learn to let go – We all have crappy dates from time to time, that’s ok, let it go. Don’t dwell on it or talk the experience to death with your friends. Instead choose to look for one positive thing about the day, even if it is how great you looked or the delicious meal you had. The more you focus on positives the more positive experiences you will invite into your life.

Dr. Wayne Dryer put it best in his book The Power of Intention: 

“What you may fail to see inside is a result of how you choose to process everything and everyone in your world. You project onto the world what you see inside, and you fail to project into the world what you fail to see inside. If you knew that you were an expression of the universal spirit of intention, that’s what you’d see. You’d raise your energy level beyond any possibility of encumbrances to your connection to the power of intention. It is only discord acting within your own feelings that will ever deprive you of every good thing that life holds for you! If you understand this simple observation, you’ll curb interferences to intention.”

If there is a particular topic you’d like me to write about or elaborate on please do send me your suggestions or comments on the contact links below.

With Love,



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Vision Board Workshop – London, August 19th

Hi Lovely Ladies, 

I’ll be hosting a Dating & Relationship Vision Board Workshop on Saturday the 19th of August 2017 in London.

Materials and Snacks will be provided.

Please get in touch to book your place.


A brief explanation…

So…What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a very specific life goal. In this instance you will either focus on Dating To Find Mr Right or on Your Relationship With Mr Right.

How does a Vision Board help you achieve your goals?

The answer is quite simple really, by having visual prompts and reminders of your goals in front of you where you can see it every day keeps you focused. You are able to keep your attention on your intentions, gain clarity on what you want and are able to identify your vision as a reality because the vision board serves as ‘proof it is possible and achievable.


Keeping the Faith

When things are going well for you, even when things are ‘kinda OK’ it’s easier to keep the faith. It’s easier to believe, to stay positive and hopeful but what we need to keep in mind is that FAITH is something we need even more when we are down, disheartened and feeling hopeless.

With the ebb and flow that comes with a RG’s dating journey faith is the ONE thing that is most important and essential if you are to come out of the other end of the dating tunnel with Mr Right and a ring!

As a coach I speak to girls, some have been doing TRs longer than others but the one thing that I try to ensure is understood is the power of faith and how it can positively impact not just your dating journey but life in general.

Now when I say faith I don’t mean a specific religion or spiritual life path – I mean the confidence and trust in the system – in our case ‘the system’ is TR!

In the beginning like everything else that we just start out in we are more enthusiastic and positive as we just go with it and don’t ask questions….many believe NOT asking questions is the best way. I disagree and I’ll tell you why.

Before I was a coach I was dating doing TR under the guidance of my coach, as I kept dating I started seeing patterns, some of which I felt I was to blame and some of which the men I was dating were to blame….this led me to start asking questions and I am so glad I did….asking and getting the reasons behind WHY a certain rule works as opposed to not doing it finally made more sense – these questions gave me the faith I have now and this faith in TR is what led me to becoming a coach myself.

Yes there will be tough times, a guy will set all the plans in motions then ghost, or he says he had an amazing date, did everything to the letter and then come back saying you’re hard work, or he’ll date you, say he loves you, says he wants a future with you then brings up sex and when you say you’re not ready – he vanishes into thin air.

So unpleasant things do and will happen but what keeps an RG going is her faith and what keeps that faith strong is understanding the science and psychology behind the actions.

So girls, I encourage you to ask questions especially if you’re feeling low or losing hope and feel like faith is dwindling….if it’s through the forums, my website or if you want to email me directly do get in touch and let’s get that faith strong enough to get you to the finish line!

With Love,



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What Is Light And Breezy?

Light and breezy is not just a reaction to something someone says or does, it is not a response or an action. Light and Breezy is a lifestyle, a way of being in mind and body.

Life happens! It’s a given that things will happen to annoy you, people will say things to tick you off, you’ll be happily walking along and someone scowls at you like they have a personal vendetta against you, you’ll be wearing your white shirt and someone bumps into you with their coffee – Oops!

I know you’ve probably heard and/or read a version of this saying before – ‘Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it’

Guess what? It’s true!

Developing Light and Breezy as a way of life comes from the inside – it takes dedication, mindfulness, patience and practice!

Someone who has taken on L&B (Light and Breezy) as a lifestyle can come out of pretty much any situation without having it negatively alter their mood.

As women we are emotional creatures – own it! Yes we get hurt, more so by those we love and care about. But by understanding that, we don’t have to ALLOW ourselves to get hurt  –  this is the beauty of L&B.

People do and say what they do because that is who they are – end of!

Trying to think about WHY someone said or did something the way they did is going to bring you no joy – let it go! It is what it is.

Mindfulness is a wonderful technique that helps you live in the present moment without judgement and without reacting – it is a great life skill to have.

If you want to learn more about mindfulness or anything else Rules related do get in touch via any of the channels below.

With Love,



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Is Your Online Profile Hurting Or Helping You?

An online dating profile is not just a ‘nice-to-have’ for the single woman of our time but a necessity when it comes to meeting men. Times have changed, we accept that and we adapt.

When it comes to writing a profile WHAT is it about yourself and what you’re looking for that you do write?  How much is too much and how much is not enough?

I remember when I just started online dating, I thought the more detail I wrote down in my online profile the better. I felt if I wrote what I AM and AM NOT looking for would help filter out the men who were not serious about a relationship.

So I took my time and wrote a few paragraphs on exactly who I was, what I was looking for and the qualities I was after in a partner. Needless to say this was a BAD idea, very very bad!

Not only did I get frustrated with the replies I was getting but those that did turn into actual dates were incredibly disappointing because they would be saying what they thought I wanted to hear and that just didn’t go anywhere. Thankful my instincts about people has always been pretty good so I didn’t end up wasting time on dates that weren’t going anywhere.

I am now wiser!…Pheeww!

Trial and error and working with a Rules Dating Coach helped me get it right – Doing The Rules and having a good profile leads to quality dates.

So what is an online profile? It’s a snapshot of you, the tiniest tip of the iceberg of who you are as a person, it’s the blurb of what you are about – not the entire novel!

We know men are visual creatures, yes, I can feel you nodding! So of course an online profile is not just about the write up it’s also about your pictures. It’s important to have good pictures and good content to create a great profile.

So how do you put together a great profile and make sure your online profile is helping NOT hurting you? Well, you can either get in touch with me or follow the tips below:

Before you begin, set the intent in your mind of what you’re looking for online and make sure you have realistic expectations – the best way is to remain open to meeting men and don’t prejudge.

Obviously, it goes without saying if he’s totally not your type its best not to waste anyone’s time – but if you’re only looking for perfect 10’s – you’re going to stay single!

Less is more – REALLY! – Remember tiniest tip of the iceberg, a blurb. Keep it positive, upbeat and light and breezy.

Don’t lie – Don’t misrepresent yourself or lie, keeping to the facts lets you remain true to yourself and with so much dishonesty that happens online – honesty is a breath of fresh air. Mind you honesty and openness does NOT mean you rattle on about your flaws or how painful your childhood/trust issues/divorce/being single and feeling empty is.

Stay upbeat – Nobody wants to read about you looking online for a date because you are just recovering from the flu/operation/being laid off etc. Keep it light, positive, fun and easy to read – it’s not an English literature paper – keep the language simple.

Endless texting/mailing back and forth – Remember WHY you are online, to date! Not to get yourself a new pen pal to discuss religion, politics, the weather and what you had for breakfast/lunch/dinner. You’re online to date – in the online world the online platform first few exchanges serve as the traditional ‘guy-walks-up-to-a-girl-in-a-bar’ scenario, they wouldn’t stand there for hours on end exchanging meaningless chit chat. He needs to ask you out, if not….move on!

Good pictures – I’m not talking super photo shopped images of you looking like a Vogue cover girl or a Victoria secrets model. I’m talking pictures that look like you on a super awesome day, smiling, great hair, fabulous makeup, happy and dressed well! A photo shoot is a great idea – I had one and I don’t regret it one bit. Don’t post a photo album – this is not a gallery to showcase your cat/dog/tortoise/hedgehog Harry or your skydiving/bungee jumping/pottery/knitting hobbies!

2 to 3 pictures is quite enough – if he wants to see more he needs to take you out!

Silly usernames, bad grammar and spelling, CAPS, emoji’s, saying too much, saying too little, being cold and bullet points… all of these = NO! Self-explanatory I don’t think I need to get into these but if you have a question ping me an email.

So….you now have some tips to go and write a great profile….if you’d like some help please do get in touch.

I am offering a free 30 minute consultation for all first timers – if you feel you’d like to use this to go over your dating profile or anything else do get in touch via any of the channels below.

With Love,



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Introducing Nadia Joy

Hi, I’m Nadia!

Some of you will know me from FB, some of you won’t….so I thought I’d put this little intro together to say Hello!

I’m a Rules Dating Coach for Women.

The way I work is quite holistic, I don’t see the long term value in helping a woman with her online dating profile and getting her on a few dates. I feel the only way to truly help a woman is to help her embrace who she is a whole.

My dream, my passion, my goal is to help women see who they TRULY are as a WHOLE. The mother, daughter, sister, wife, lover, friend, colleague, boss and worker. A woman is so much more than what we see on the outside – a woman is a gem with many facets and I respect and believe that to have the best life one must accept and respect ALL of who we are as women!

It took me many years of soul searching, studying, falling flat on my butt and then getting up again to come to this point where I feel I have learnt enough that I can help by sharing what I know to empower women and give them strength and independence without having to sacrifice their femininity.

Yes my focus is getting you quality dates in the aim of finding Mr Right and getting the Ring but it’s about more than that, So much more! It’s about learning the life skills needed for a positive, whole and happy life. Learning from your strengths AND weaknesses and how to use both to your advantage.

Women are the builders, maintainers and shapers of society – strong, smart, whole, fulfilled and happy women make for a balanced community and in turn a positive society – this is my belief!